Puppy Kim plotting

February Challenge – Puppy

I have a new puppy. He’s a three month old border collie and his name is Kim (after my first dog who was a beagle/foxhound cross). But his name is also sometimes Walking Imp, Demon, or The Poo Machine. Here’s a picture of him clearly plotting.

Kim plotting...

I lost my beloved staffy/jack russell cross just before Christmas. She’d been sick for a while. Here she is in happier times.


I really missed having a mischievous creature tripping me up in the house, so I decided to get another dog. A farm nearby had some puppies from their working border collies who were looking for a new home. And voila, we have Kim.

We’ve had him for a week and half and he hasn’t yet chewed up anything important or dangerous in the house. However, he does seem fond of eating stones (!) and twigs and leaves, so I have to watch him like a hawk when we’re outside. He’s learnt to climb up the stairs, but he hasn’t yet grasped going down the stairs, so he’s banned from stair climbing. He’s learnt Sit, Stay, Down (sort of), and he’s also acquired Off, Leave It, and Stop Biting, although more work is required on these.

Kim sitting by the door - banned from the stairs.

I love him to bits already but he’s definitely going to be a handful 🙂

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