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    This Week I’m Researching … Nutrition and Shakespeare

    I like finding out stuff so I’m always researching something. And I love learning. If there was such a job as a Professional Learner (outside the upper echelons of academia), I would be doing that. Imagine my glee when I discovered FutureLearn. This is an online education site, globally accessible, with free courses delivered by real universities. Currently, I’m learning about nutrition and Shakespeare  (the two topics are unconnected … so far). I’m also currently behind schedule in both courses, as I’ve taken on too much – kind of like piling a load of lovely food onto your plate then discovering your eyes are bigger than your stomach (figuratively, of…

  • Hand List
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    A List of Reasons Why I Love Lists

    Tickable, cross-out-able, tear-up-able, burnable ( unless the list is on an electronic device – blow-up-able?) – very kinesthetic. Procrastination enablers – especially if the list is colour-coded, frequently rewritten for neatness, or annotated with once meaningful symbols to be puzzled over. Everyone does this, right? The illusion of industry – it looks like you’re working and being organised, without actually having to do anything. Yet. The small explosion of brain chemicals reacting to produce a pleasant sensation when you’ve ticked everything. This is also the time to start a new list, to re-experience that brief neurochemical rush in the near future. Perfect productive activity for bouts of insomnia when your…

  • Lake Issyk Kul
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    Interesting Things – Lake Issyk Kul

    This peaceful, serene waterscape in Kyrgyzstan holds for me at least two interesting facts. Not that the water is said never to freeze, despite the lake being surrounded by snow-capped mountains (although that is kind of interesting). Or that the shores of the lake are full of health resorts (although this will become ironically interesting soon). I’m mostly interested in its connections to plague (see?) and drowned cities (you can make you’re own guesses as to what kind of story I’m working on right now). Plague on the Silk Road Historians think that Lake Issyk Kul, being a popular stopover point on the Silk Road in medieval times, was the…