This Week I’m Researching … Nutrition and Shakespeare

I like finding out stuff so I’m always researching something. And I love learning. If there was such a job as a Professional Learner (outside the upper echelons of academia), I would be doing that.

Imagine my glee when I discovered FutureLearn. This is an online education site, globally accessible, with free courses delivered by real universities. Currently, I’m learning about nutrition and Shakespeare  (the two topics are unconnected … so far).

I’m also currently behind schedule in both courses, as I’ve taken on too much – kind of like piling a load of lovely food onto your plate then discovering your eyes are bigger than your stomach (figuratively, of course; I know this is factually incorrect because I have been studying the digestive system).

Hopefully I won’t collapse into a gloopy, deadline saturated mess of  writing, teaching and learning, and can at least survive until December.