2014 – Stuff Happened

I’ve been a bit quiet on the social media front this year as unfortunately, and against my better judgement, I’ve turned out to be a superstitious soul. You see, I was born with a heart defect and this year I finally had to get it fixed. This was also the year that my first feature went into production at exactly the same time as I got admitted to hospital – my birthday, as a matter of fact (only the night shift radiographer clocked the date).

Up until this year, I had two major life ambitions: to have a film I wrote made into a real thing and to avoid surgery. I have now achieved one of my life ambitions – a 50% success rate, you could say. I didn’t want to blog or tweet about my surgery or recovery in case (and I know this to be impossible) it jinxed my progress and something went horribly wrong.

However, it’s been nearly a year since the surgeon cracked open my ribs and did his thing, and I’m more or less fully recovered now, so I thought I’d recount some of my experiences over the next few weeks – maybe someone out there will find it useful.


My Writing Process … (this week anyway)

Today I’m writing my comic scripts oldschool – with pen and paper. Sure, it’ll take longer on the whole, but I just don’t fancy sitting in front of a computer screen all day – it’s far too warm! In fact, if I’m feeling really lazy. I might just thumbnail the whole thing rather than writing descriptions – it’s faster. That way, when I come home from teaching summer school in the afternoons next week, I won’t have to think so hard when I type it all up. I love thinking, but it does use up a lot of energy.