3 thoughts on “Auditions ahoy!”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Very sorry to bother you about this matter but I am unsure what – if anything is to be done.

    I read with interest about the island horror movie auditions and read that they were 0930 onwards. Unfortunately on all the places I accessed for information none confirmed what time it was to finish. Unfortunately I turned up about 1310 and had missed the audition by about 10 minutes.

    I left a reply on the horror movie website straight away asking if more auditionees would be considered… however that message seems to be still awaiting moderation. Anyway I hate the thought of missing out on something that could be as much fun as this if losing out on it is the difference of a few minutes or even a message that is read too late 🙁

    Should I attempt to push the matter? Or should I put it chalk it down to experience?

    Yours sincerely

    Patrick Barry

    1. Hi Patrick,

      I know that the production team are super-busy this week, and I doubt they’ll be attending to their website for a few days. They haven’t made their selections yet, and there will be second stage auditions so the process hasn’t finished. That’s all the information I have at the moment, really. I’d say, keep an eye on the website for info, and don’t get discouraged until filming actually starts in November 🙂


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