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A List of Reasons Why I Love Lists

Hand List

  • Tickable, cross-out-able, tear-up-able, burnable ( unless the list is on an electronic device – blow-up-able?) – very kinesthetic.
  • Procrastination enablers – especially if the list is colour-coded, frequently rewritten for neatness, or annotated with once meaningful symbols to be puzzled over. Everyone does this, right?
  • The illusion of industry – it looks like you’re working and being organised, without actually having to do anything. Yet.
  • The small explosion of brain chemicals reacting to produce a pleasant sensation when you’ve ticked everything. This is also the time to start a new list, to re-experience that brief neurochemical rush in the near future.
  • Perfect productive activity for bouts of insomnia when your brain is only giving you 50% of usual service.
  • Meta-listing – a list of lists: to-do list, shopping list, Project X rewrite task list, Amazon wish list(s), projects list, films for research list, places to go for research list. A list to prioritise your lists.
  • A list removes that crushing yet vague sense of ‘I’ve got so much to do’ and replaces it with a much more tangible sense of ‘I’ve got so many things to do! And now they’re tick-able!’
  • Blog articles made of lists – not a fan.

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